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This is the home of my new Jokes Site. My other one wouldnt let me in to finish editing it, so I created this one and start from scratch. A lot of things are the same, but I am changing the names on my old linked pages. So please be patient with me as I rebuild. This site has a lot of adult jokes. If you are under 18, then please leave or get your parents permission to read this site or submit any jokes. Thanks.


I am real creative, but I thought that since I am having so many problems with Tripod, I thought that I would keep it simple, and monotonous. (Hope I spelled that right.) Everytime I try to change something on here, I keep getting a message saying something about my web browser and the server having problems. So Im just gonna have one style thru the whole site. A lot of the jokes are not the way I would like them to be, but at least they are readable.

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Well, now that I am on the way of reconstructing my site, I will be able to make this one a much better one that is organized more. For my friends, I hope you like the new changes. Ill be adding more over time.

Alright, I aint gonna ask ya to send in any jokes. I will leave that up to you on if ya want to or not. But I do ask that ya sign in my guestbook with any thoughts you may have about this site, or what you would like to see added to it.
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